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Seeking to find balance in life and incorporating a Flexibly Fit attitude, I’ve created this blog to give tips and tricks, recipes, and insights into reaching your healthy living goals.

I’ve started as a dancer in Colorado who moved to the big city (NYC) to pursue a dream. I worked and lived in Tokyo, Japan, moved back to New York, finished school at Hofstra University,worked in NYC, then married my prince charming and moved to North Carolina. Now we live in Georgia with our cocker spaniel Penelope. That’s the short version of the past decade. I’ve worked in fitness, television production, digital & social media marketing, and many other side jobs along the way.

I’ve always eaten pretty healthy. There were times when I was better about it than others and definitely times it was on the back burner, but now it’s about finding flexibility within life, eating right, and working out.

Photo credit: Emanuel Cole

Photo credit: Emanuel Cole

When I first was introduced to a nutrition plan to train for a Figure Competition I really buckled down. I was rounding out my twenties, and thought “what better way to turn 30, than to be in the best shape of my life?” Along with the help of my trainer and nutrition coach, Rickie Hodges, I balanced everything out and made sure I had enough calories during the day to reach my goals (bulking, maintaining, or cutting). Admittedly, I couldn’t have done it without him. Along the way, I’ve combined what I already knew with new information and tips and tricks to reach my goals. I’m still learning everyday; learn along with me.


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