Spices & Seasonings: My must-haves

Spices & Seasonings: My must-haves

When you start eating clean and prepping most, if not all, your food at home you quickly realize the importance of good seasonings and spices. I remember reading once that dried herbs and spices actually have a shelf life and keeping them fresh is important. IT’S SO TRUE! I used a container of cinnamon a while back that had been in my cabinet for, you know, probably a . I really didn’t think it added that much flavor. Bought a new one and BAM!!! Last week I ran out of ground cinnamon before I remembered to get more at the store. You’ll see below that I use it EVERYDAY! I even carry it in my purse sometimes… #cinnamonaddict? Guilty.

Here is my must-have list of herbs and spices that I use most when cooking. image_3

Garlic Powder: great to add the flavor of garlic without it being overwhelming by using raw. I use it to season brown rice, savory quinoa, ground turkey, chicken breasts, even eggs.

Onion Powder: I usually use this and garlic powder hand-in-hand. But also consider sprinkling over a salad with a drizzle of olive oil. I also use diced fresh onion a lot, but sometimes the powder works better in a recipe, especially if I’m in a hurry.


Ground Cinnamon: I use cinnamon every day. I sprinkle it in every protein shake. I’ll even add it to water with a squeeze of lemon for a hit of flavor. I also use it pancakes, oats, sweet quinoa recipes and (if I drink it, which isn’t often) in a cup of coffee with a splash of almond milk.

Paprika: My husband isn’t much of a spicy fan, but I AM!! So when I can heat a recipe, I’ll often do it with some paprika after separating out some plain for him. I use paprika in ground turkey recipes, chicken, scrambled eggs, steak, chicken, brown rice, quinoa, anywhere I can get some spice!

Minced Garlic: Another quick and easy way to add flavor. Don’t get me wrong, I love chopping fresh garlic and adding it to recipes, but it’s just nice to have another option.

Black Pepper: Once again, something I add often to recipes. A lighter way to add some kick without overwhelming.

Parsley: I’ll top salmon with parsley with some lemon before popping in the oven wrapped in parchment paper. Also, mix in with mashed sweet potatoes.

Also try Mrs. Dash Salt-Free blends. They’re great to add flavor blends, without the crazy high levels of sodium like other marinades and spice mixes. These are my two favorites:

image_7  image_8

If you are looking for a specific spice blend, like ranch or taco seasonings, consider mixing up your own. It’s super easy and then you know the ingredient list, plus it will be lower in sodium and probably preservatives. Click here to check out my Instagram post on making your own taco seasoning blend!

As far as brands are concerned, or organic or non-organic. There are online stores that have decent prices on organic and bulk herbs and spices. I have store bought shown here, because that’s currently what’s in my cabinet, but I will be switching over to organic as I run out of these and find comparable prices. I’ll update this blog once I’ve ordered and am satisfied with the products I receive. Stay tuned!!

What spices are your go-to when making a dish? Do you have any favorites or must-haves?