Salsa Chicken

You asked for it!

When I asked what things you all would most like to see posted on my Facebook page, most of you messaged or commented that healthy recipes would be the most helpful. Well here is one of my favorites! First, I’ll say: if you haven’t checked out He and She Eat Clean, you should! There are some great, delicious and EASY recipes posted. One of my favorites is their slow cooker Salsa Chicken, which inspired my own version. Even though it was barely possible, I think I made it even easier too. Check it out:

Salsa chicken

4-5 Chicken breasts
Jar of your favorite salsa

What to look for in salsa:
Salsa should be pretty simple: tomatoes, garlic, onion, peppers, salt, etc. Look for just the basic ingredients in whatever jar of salsa that you choose. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient or don’t know what it is, put the jar back and choose another. There are plenty out there with just the basic ingredients (as well as plenty out there with non-essential junk).

Place chicken & salsa in slow cooker
Cook on high 5-6 hours or until chicken shreds easily
Shred chicken and enjoy!
*The more salsa you add, the spicier/more flavorful the chicken. Also, consider adding sauteed veggies like peppers and onions, or cilantro, lime juice, or other flavorful ingredients.

My favorite ways to enjoy Salsa Chicken is in lettuce wraps with black beans and topped with avocado!

Bonus: Make a double or triple batch and freeze some for later!!!