My Latest Project: Big News

My Latest Project: Big News

photo I have been seriously MIA from the blogging world lately. Actually, for a long while, but it’s because I was working on a brand new project that really needed my full attention and I’m finally ready to tell you about it… I’m pregnant!

My husband & I found out in June that we’re expecting our first child in February 2015. While exciting, it’s definitely been a major adjustment and something that I felt needed all of my attention. I’m not an expert but I’ve kept notes on how things have been going, what I’ve been doing, eating, working out, etc. But, this is my first time, so I am ALL EARS for any and all input all my lovely readers have on fit pregnancy and being a fit mom. Send it all my way!

First trimester:
Eating: I was very fortunate to not have a terrible first trimester. Food in general did turn me off a bit, but no major aversions or sickness (thank goodness). I couldn’t eat completely normal, because it just wasn’t really appealing. It didn’t make me ill, just not appealing. For that reason I drank a ton of homemade chicken broth. I didn’t really want to force myself to eat, so instead I would sip a cup of my chicken broth. I make chicken broth in my slow cooker from and remnants of a whole roasted chicken that I had previously made for dinner. Then I froze the broth in ice cube trays and defrost as needed. I was fortunate, too, because a friend of mine had recently moved and had given some of her homemade broth (Thanks Kelly!), so I had plenty.

Working out: within weeks of finding out I was pregnant I definitely noticed I tired more quickly in the gym. I still worked out regularly (lifting and cardio), but took longer breaks between sets and sometimes lowered my reps.

Second trimester:
Holy energy! The day my second trimester was starting I had a KILLER workout in the gym. I mean, I rocked this thing! I IMG_8380felt amazing, I pushed my weights, I wasn’t winded, I was super motivated… it was like the old me was back in business. I loved it! I also was immediately able to increase my food and calorie consumption and get back to more routine way of eating, which I know made me feel better. I still had no major food aversions or cravings, so I just ate according to my pre-pregnancy plan with an additional snack or two throughout the day. When you’re pregnant, you don’t actually need to “eat for two.” For the average, healthy mamma-to-be you only need an additional 200-300 calories per day.

However, after a doctor’s appointment at some point in my second trimester, there was some minor concern that I hadn’t put on any weight yet. It’s not terribly abnormal & not something my health care provided worried dramatically about, but she did recommend I add another 200-300 calories and increase my carb intake. By no means was this an invitation to pig out on cake, treats, and other things (although I did allow myself two treats per week regularly). I very simply added another snack to my day and made sure it included something like fruit, beans, or quinoa because of their carbohydrate content.

Third trimester:
As I write this update I’m officially full term. The third trimester has been a pretty easy time for me. I started to get more and more uncomfortable sleeping and just couldn’t fall asleep like normal, but that seems to come and go and not be a persistent symptom.

I’ve caught up on weight gain, to the delight of my doctors. I added an additional snack throughout the day and that seemed to do the trick. My activity level has remained about the same except for recently when my feet starting hurting quite a bit. I’m sure it’s from the extra weight, but even walking on an incline send burning sensations through my heels and shins. For the past week I’ve been icing, stretching and stayed out of the gym out of concern it’s a twinge of Achilles tendonitis. It’s frustrating…

As we get closer to the due date, nutrition during my hospital stay has become an increasing focus. Although I’m sure the hospital will have fine food, I won’t know what’s it in so we’re planning on bringing with us a cooler with pre-packed snacks, protein powder and other items.

For when we get home, I’ve stocked the freezer with lots of clean eating, healthy dinners that will be easy to defrost. You can read about some of the recipes on my Facebook page or here.

Don’t forget, if you have tips or ideas for me, I’d LOVE to hear them!!