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Amanda Joy Fit: Health Coach

I am SO excited you’re considering a Health Coach in a quest to get healthy. I hired a trainer who helped me with my nutrition and workouts, which you can read more about on the About Me page. Getting some guidance, support and help can make a huge difference.  Read more about the health coaching programs that I’m currently running:

21 Day Jump Start!
Focused on creating new habits for a healthy lifestyle, the 21 Day Jump Start is a program designed to reset your body & mind in all ways regarding nutrition. It’s designed for anyone to benefit and learn something… from someone just starting a healthier lifestyle to the fitness and nutrition enthusiast. The program gives you the tools necessary to:
– Boost your metabolism
– Detox
– Break Through a Plateau
– Overcoming Cravings
– Creating Healthy Alternatives
– Try Something New
– Boost Metabolism
– Lose Body Fat

It’s not about reliance on any one product, but about equipping your with tools to make healthy eating a LIFE STYLE. Many companies sell specific products, like a “magic shake” that makes all the difference, and then leaves you to fend for yourself. One, I never rely any of my programs on a product; there are products I recommend and those that are studied and easily accessible, but if you have a brand you prefer, we can work around that. And two, my goal is to provide you SUPPORT in making healthy eating part of your everyday lifestyle. I can answer any questions, give you any encouragement, and provide you everything you need. The only thing I can’t do, is do it for you. This is program includes help and support for me, as well as a community of others who are starting or have completed the same Jump Start Program. It’s an all-inclusive program, meaning you get everything you need provided. You’ll get TWO meal plans , detox kit and instructions, recipe booklet with 40+ recipes, products, workouts for the gym AND at home, Facebook support group, access to THREE health coaches (Ashley Scott, Whitney Carlson, and myself).  The best part about the program is that many of the materials you get (the meal plans, the recipes, and the workouts, and the online support group) are yours to keep forever.

21 Day Jump Start Testimonials can be seen here & here!

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