Flexibly Fit

Flexibly Fit: balance in nutrition, fitness, and healthy living for a happy and sustainable lifestyle.

I had this idea after my first Figure Competition. After focusing primarily on weight lifting and a nutrition plan, I had moved away from doing yoga. I was really happy with how I did at the competition, but once I started back at yoga, found that balancing everything was the key. Being fit for me is about being flexible – in your muscles, in your mind, in nutrition… it can help in everything.

Flexibly Fit: Nutrition
I usually aim for clean, balanced meals everyday with one cheat meal a week. I food prep once or twice a week, and eat 5-6 meals per day. Depending on my goals (bulking, maintenance, or leaning out) I adjust the ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. But I don’t do this alone. I have a trainer who gives me work out and nutrition plans. I touch base with him every so often to get his opinion on my progress or maintenance.

Focusing on nutrition is the number one thing to do to reach your weight loss/gain goals. It’s more important than anything else you can do for your health. However, being flexible is the key to success. This means knowing when you can prep your meals, how to make healthier options when you can’t eat a prepped meal, using cheat meals to satisfy your cravings, and still enjoying life!
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Flexibly Fit: Gym Time!
Raise your hand if you skip stretching? C’mon… we all know we do it and probably more often than not. It can decrease muscle stiffness and increases range of motion. Look at this way, the more flexible your muscles are, the more you effectively you can train them. Flexibility also can reduce your risk of injury. But it’s not just about the actual flexibility of your muscles is about the flexibility of the mind regarding your gym and muscle development.
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Flexibly Fit: The mind
When you make these habits a way of life, flexibility will keep you sane. I’m not saying “be flexible” as an excuse to eat whatever you want whenever you want, or skips workouts whenever you want. I’m saying it’s helpful to be flexible as you encounter the bumps in the road.
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Being flexibly fit overall is about leading a lifestyle that’s sustainable and rewarding. I focus on a combination of cardio, weightlifting, nutrition and yoga. This blog is about sharing tips, tricks, recipes, and motivation. Enjoy!

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