Cravings: How I get through

I have some thoughts about cravings. One is that our bodies have been trained to crave the foods that are bad for us and don’t help us reach our goals. It’s like drugs. The other is that, our body can also crave the healthy foods that contain nutrients your body may need. So how are we supposed to know which it is?

So here’s how I’ve handled cravings. As I’ve made more healthy decisions more regularly and distanced myself from ultra-processed and preserved food, I can honestly tell you I have less and less cravings. That’s the first part, weaning your body chemical laden foods.

The second part is learning the difference between just a craving and what your body needs, which doesn’t happen overnight. I usually ask myself, if the craving is a healthy food item, for example carrots, how can I work them into my meals to fulfill my craving? I know it sounds crazy to actually crave carrots, but I’m telling you, as you make more and more healthy choices you may be surprised how much you start to enjoy healthy foods.  So if you’re craving an ice cream sundae, it may be for other reasons. You may not have eaten enough or drank enough water… or you may just be bored. Those cravings you have to resist. Ask yourself if it’s going to help you reach your goals. Ask yourself if your goal is more important or the craving. Then make your choice.

There is another part though, and that is finding alternatives when you do have a craving. Eating healthier doesn’t have to be boring and without decadence. A few weeks ago, I was craving ice cream like no other. I resisted it for a few nights, but it just kept coming back! So I created this:

healthy ice cream

Click here to see how I made it here!

Then my husband put in a request for lasagna and I threw this zucchini version together:

zucchini lasagna


YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER to eat healthy! You can still eat delicious food; you can find alternatives and substitutions. You can enjoy food you love in new healthier ways! You will have to make sacrifices to reach your goals, but you can enjoy eating too with healthier choices! What’s ONE food you want a healthier alternative?