Balsamic Tomato Chicken


Balsamic Tomato

You come home from work and don’t have a plan for dinner… It’s happened to everyone. I keep this recipe handy for JUST such an occasion. Actually, I’ll be honest, I actually plan to make this at least every other week because it’s THAT delicious. It keeps well, freezes well, and travels well… you get the point: it’s an all-around awesome meal. Before my son was born, I made a few batches of this meal and froze it for after the birth. It was a life saver & one of my BEST freezer meals.

Here’s what you need:
4-6 Chicken breasts
1 can of no salt added diced tomato, or 3-4 diced fresh tomatoes
1/3 – ¼ cup balsamic vinegar

In a large skillet, lightly brown chicken breasts on each side. Pour can of tomatoes and balsamic vinegar over cooked chicken and lightly simmer until breasts are cooked through. That’s it!! You can add more or less vinegar depending on your taste. I tend to be generous because I love the flavor.

Pair it with a salad, steamed broccoli or other steamed veggie! If you try it, make sure to let me know how it turns out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!