2015 Goals

2015 Goals

I finally got the chance at sit down with my goals for 2015! I had them in my head, but I hadn’t really written them down or mapped them out. It’s one of my suggestions for all my clients to reach and achieve goals is not only writing down the goal, but jotting down any additional tasks they could complete to get them there: I call it Goal Mapping.

The problem with just having goals in your head is that you don’t see them every day. The problem with just writing big pictures goals down is that you often don’t write down the actual tasks you’re going to do to reach that goal. So, your goal is to “lose weight”? That’s great, but what is your PLAN to accomplish that? I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Enter: Goal Mapping

Write your big concept goals down on a piece of paper with some space around them. Then, underneath, off to the side, or nearby jot down the tasks you want to complete that put you closer to that goal. These tasks may even need to be broken down more, or they may change as time goes by, but the point is you’ve given yourself a plan to start moving towards your goal. You’ve given yourself tasks that you can actually check off or cross off as you accomplish them. Let’s look at “losing weight” as a big picture goal. Listing things like joining a gym, hiring a personal trainer, trying a new gym class, or getting a meal plan may be the tasks that you put under that goal. Break it down further by adding things like food prep once a week, try 2-3 new healthy recipes per month, etc

Take a look at my Goal Map below. I will very likely break down some of the tasks even further and it will definitely change as the year goes on, but the point is I have a plan… a map… to follow to help me reach my goals.

goal mapping

One of my biggest goals is to lose the baby weight post-delivery. Since we’re also moving to Virginia early in the year, one of the first tasks I need to do is find a gym (or a work out space). If my “gym” ends up being at home, that’s fine too, but I’ll need to equip a space with more work out items or create more at-home specific workouts. If there isn’t child care available, I’ll need to complete that task as well.

What are your 2015 goals? Fitness/health related of otherwise and MORE IMPORTANTLY what are the tasks you’re going to complete to get you there?