10 Foods Health Coaches Won't Live Without

10 Foods Health Coaches Won’t Live Without

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A few days ago a friend asked me an awesome question. It made me really think. I even asked the other Health Coaches on my team their thoughts. It was a great thought-producing, conversation-starting question and you may find the answers helpful to your grocery shopping or food prep. Here goes:

If I could only have 10 items in my pantry/refrigerator, what would they be? Here’s my list and why:10 Foods Health Coaches Can't Live Without

  1. Broccoli: another veggie that’s a staple in my house. It’s high in vitamin C and FIBER, plus has multiple nutrients with anti-cancer properties. Also, I feel like I could never get sick of it.
  2. Spinach: jam packed with vitamins and nutrients, spinach is a so versatile. I mix it with my scrambled eggs in the morning, blend in a protein shake in the afternoon, or make salad with it in the evening. It’s also a great source of FIBER, which is key to a healthy digestive system and weight loss.
  3. Zucchini: More veggies please! Zucchinis are another really versatile item. My go-to preparation for them: using my Spirilizer and making zucchini noodles. YUM!
  4. Eggs: my every morning, go-to breakfast. I love ‘em. Scrambled with some spinach. But I also make quiche, mini egg muffins, hard boiled eggs, and egg salad.
  5. Oats: I don’t eat oats every day, but if I was really limited in my grocery items, oats would have to be one.
  6. Ground Turkey: ground turkey is my go-to for anytime I’m not sure what to make for dinner. I make meatballs, burgers, add in a quiche, stuff peppers, or put it over a salad. I feel like I can do a lot with ground turkey quickly & easily.
  7. Protein Powder: when I’m in a rush, protein powder is really helpful to get nutrition instead of skipping a meal. I don’t even need a blender to make a shake. {Check out the brand I use here à TLS Whey Protein Powder}
  8. Black beans: full of fiber, I often mix black beans in with other things. Mix with ground turkey, toss over a salad, or top scrambled eggs to increase fiber amounts.
  9. Frozen berries: Nature’s candy! I eat frozen berries if my sweet tooth kicks in at night.
  10. Multivitamin: it’s so hard to get all your vitamins & nutrients through only food. In fact, it’s near impossible when you include all the environmental factors we face each day. A quality isotonic multivitamin fills in the gaps. {Check out the brand I use here à Multivitamin}

So there’s my list with all my thought-out reasons why. After spending some time creating my list, I wanted to see what my team of other health coaches thought, so I asked them. Here’s what two of them said:

Whitney Carlson: certified health coach & personal trainer, fitness model, hiking enthusiast, owner of He and She Eat Clean & Whitney headshotWhitneyCarlson.com
1. Eggs
2. TLS Protein Powder
3. Oats
4. Chicken Breasts
5. Spinach
6. Asparagus
7. Liquid Egg Whites
8. Coconut Oil
9. Water
10. Supplements

kenzie headshot

Kenzie Hettman: owner of HettmanHomestead.com, health coach, model, certified personal trainer, and mom of two
1. A huge variety of seeds and nuts
2. Ground flaxseed
3. Figs and dates
4. Avocados
5. Onions and garlic
6. Oats
7. Fresh fruit
8. Spinach and arugula
9. A variety of beans- kidney beans, black beans, garbanzo beans and white beans
10. Brown rice

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